A couple of years back I made the switch from Skateboarding to Road Cycling as my prefered method of active recreation and coming from Skateboarding, I have always looked for videos as a means of inspiration and motvation. That wasn’t hard to do in Skateboarding since it always has had it’s roots in the subculture of music and design besides being a closed off subculture in itself. There’s a ton of Skateboard videos I still like to watch every now and then – and when I do, they never fail to motivate me to go  out skateboarding after I’ve watched them. Now, with Road Cycling that’s a completely different ballpark since it is portrayed (and done) as a competitive and mainstream Sport mostly. Pretty much all the Road Cycling Magazines in Germany completely fail to inspire or motivate – unless you’re constantly looking for a new bike or can’t decide which pair of carbon rimmed wheels you should fling on your bike. With videos it’s even worse. When you’re searching for „Alternative Road Cycling Videos“ what you get is mostly one hour of Go-Pro Footage filmed while someone attended a Training Camp on the island of Mallorca. Most of these clips are meant to be watched while you are training to get in shape for the „season“ with your bike fixed to an indoor Bike Trainer – of course the soundtrack is Ambient music. So I dug deeper into the internet and finally found a visual gem that doesn’t cease to inspire and motivate me.

I’m talking about THEREABOUTS – a 45 Minutes documentary about two brothers embarking on an 2000 km trip into the heart of the Australian Outback – just for the heck of it. The video reminds me much of being on a skateboard tour and it essentially portrays Road Cycling the way I feel it. There’s no talk about bikes, training, fitness or health-food – just riding and being out in the wide Open without a particular goal besides going a certain distance in a day. I recommend „THEREABOUTS #001“ to anyone tired of Spandex and Torque Wrenches, to everyone who’s interested in an „alternative cycling culture“ but doesn’t want to ride fixed.