„The shit in your head is just the shit in your head“ – and Dave the Chimps head is full of it. Full of the good shit – and he’s having his way showing it to you within the pages of his newest publication IDIOT ISLAND, a full-color Zine filled with Daves trademark humorous and witty social criticism. Here’s someone who’s constantly questioning himself and the world around him. As funny as his characters and cartoons might appear, Dave is constantly haunted by the idea of self improvement through questioning the way we live, what we are told to believe and how we are supposed to be. His Zines, his drawings and writings are his analog commentary on modern societys „Digital Angst“ – among other things of mind and matter.

Dave and I met ages ago through the mail exchanging Zines and since then he has released so many copyshopped publications that they should have a Kinkos Franchise named after him. He’s the King Of Zines.  Whenever I rummage through one of my Nic-Nac boxes, I find something Dave has sent me. There’s „Check my Chops“ or „Doodle Dang“ or „Anablog“. You have to be amazed by someone with such an creative output and it makes you wonder if such a human bean might be „driven“ beyond good health. Doing what he does he’s definetly not driven to good health – but he is also far from being insane. He’s crazy alright – if you consider a lifestyle of superficiality and brainless consumerism „not-crazy“. Dave questions everything trying to find answers and once he feels enlightened by a new idea he’ll put his version of the answer out in a Zine or a painting by simplifying it so that even people who don’t ask the question might be able to at least question his answer. Someone once said „Life knows no certainty, only opportunity“ and that might have just aswell been Dave the Chimp who himself said that „We are all scientists in the laboratory of our own lives.“

„IDIOT ISLAND is a collection of comic strips, drawings and articles, exploring the contents of my scrambled brain that is fed constantly with books and podcasts, science and religion, street art, comedy and skateboarding. It’s purpose is to share ideas and broaden minds.“ – Dave the Chimp